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Defending Tribunal Claims

Employment Tribunal claims can be complex, time consuming and a huge drain on management time and resources. It is important to ensure that the defence to any claim is properly set out from the outset. We have significant experience in defending claims in the tribunal for discrimination, harassment, unfair/constructive dismissal and worker status, including dealing with preliminary and final hearings.

Problem Employees

If you have an employee with a poor sickness or disciplinary record or you need expert help in navigating your way through the law to ensure you do not discriminate against a member of staff then we can help you with this. You may have a staff member who is under performing and we can help you with moving this staff member into a performance process. You may wish to negotiate the mutual termination of employment with an employee and we can help you with the negotiations and draft any settlement agreement.

TUPE, Restructuring & Redundancies

Unfortunately running a redundancy consultation or a restructure is something that most businesses have to deal with at some point. We can help provide expert advice and help so that this is dealt with correctly and transparently. If you're looking to sell your business or expand by acquiring a new business or simply taking over a tender or service contract then we can provide advice on that process as it is likely that TUPE will apply.

Contracts of Employment

Getting your contracts of employment drafted by an expert reduces commercial risk to your business. If you weren't aware that your contracts should include items such as details concerning grievance and disciplinary procedures then your contracts may not be legally compliant. Get in touch and we can help with drafting or amending contracts or help you with incorporating clauses restricting your employees post termination conduct.

Policies & Handbooks

We can help you write workplace policies, such as disciplinary/grievance policies or some of the less obvious policies such as policies relating to staff absence relating to adverse weather conditions. We can tailor policies for your business and advise you on which policies are actually required and if need be we can work with you to produce a staff handbook including a number of policies which your business may need now and for the future as it grows.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder Agreements are often used to provide protection to shareholders because they regulate the relationship between shareholders. A Shareholders Agreement is one of the most essential agreements a Company can have in place - it can set out how the Company is run, its dividend policy, what happens to the shares of a shareholder who may become mentally ill or pass away and can provide options between Shareholders to acquire shares in various circumstances.. The absence of a Shareholders Agreement can lead to ongoing disputes between the Company, its Shareholders and Directors. Get in touch if you wish to speak further about Shareholder Agreements.

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