LET’S TALK T’s & C’s

Whether you are starting up a new business or are already well established, terms and conditions (T’s & C’s) can often be at the bottom of a lengthy to do list. In this article we discuss the main considerations and potential pitfalls of T’s & C’s.  

What are T’s & C’s?  

T’s & C’s govern the contractual relationship between two parties and are the number one document to help prevent legal disputes.  

When should your T’s & C’s be reviewed? 

Your T’s & C’s should be reviewed if you bring out new products, offer a new service, have a new promotion or if new legislation comes into force. As a minimum, we suggest to our clients that they review their T’s & C’s annually. 

Potential pitfalls  

There are many potential pitfalls when it comes to T’s & C’s. 

T’s & C’s should reflect the true relationship between the parties (such as the Company and its customer) and they should be as accurate and detailed as possible. Your T’s & C’s should update as your business grows and adapts. 

It is common for businesses to use T’s & C’s that they’ve found online, either a downloadable template or terms that they’ve copied from a competitor. Whilst it may be appealing as it could save time and money, cutting corners could result in your T’s & C’s being unfit for purpose. 

If the document is too difficult to read or understand, your clients or customers may miss the important parts which could cause legal stumbling blocks down the line.  

And remember, do not hide your T’s & C’s. Put them in a visible place on your website, add them to check-out pages or on sign up forms. Your clients or customers must be aware that you have T’s & C’s in place. 

Business Health Check 

As a business owner you may not have the time to identify the business risks of the Company, but our business health check can take that job out of your hands.  

We provide you with a detailed evaluation of your Company, which summarises the key risks that exist for your business and advises on how best to improve your operations. A review of your T’s & C’s is covered in the evaluation. 

You will receive a written document summarising all the areas covered and highlighting what we believe to be the key areas that may require attention along with our suggested solutions.  

The wrap up 

Instead of cutting corners by finding your T’s & C’s online, consider investing in our T & C’s. 

We will work with you to provide you with T’s & C’s which underpin all your sales, suit your processes, and are tailored specifically to your business. 

They will cover all the important issues such as liability, payment, and termination.  

Our T’s & C’s will be the first thing you turn to if a problem arises. 

And we will incorporate any relevant legislation, which is specific to your business.  

If you would like to discuss putting together some T’s & C’s for your business or need an existing set reviewing, click here