Making sure you negotiate a settlement agreement with your
employer from a position of strength.


A settlement agreement sets out the terms on which you will leave your employment. You need the advice of an employment lawyer before signing. 

As you are renouncing your rights to bring a claim against your employer, you need to be absolutely certain you are satisfied with the terms of the agreement before you sign it. The agreement will have to cover many areas and so will inevitably be complicated, which means it is vital you have expert advice.

If you instruct us, we will weigh up the offer with your interests in mind, to advise you on whether you have a good deal. If there is a need to negotiate the terms being offered, we can either advise you on the best way to do so or bargain with your employer directly on your behalf. During this period, we will take the weight off your shoulders, through what can be a difficult time, allowing you to focus your energy and time on the next stage of your career.

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