We will ensure your claim is presented so as to give it the best
possible prospect of success.


If you feel you have been treated unfairly at your place of work and are finding it difficult to resolve this directly with your employer, our employment lawyers can assist you in making a claim to the tribunal and providing you with representation.

Taking action against your employer is stressful. We can remove much of this stress by ensuring you are fully prepared beforehand. 

We understand costs may be a concern, so we will assess your claim to ensure it is worth pursuing. We will advise you on what claims you have, inform you what the prospect of success would be, and if you decide to pursue the claims, assist you to achieve a result that you are happy with, whether that be representing you at the tribunal or negotiating a settlement.

Our experts have experience in representing employees and employers at tribunals. This means that you will benefit from our understanding of how your opponent is likely to present their case, and we can construct your claim accordingly. 

To speak to one of our experts, call 0113 418 2055 or request a call back at a time convenient for you. You can also drop us an email at hello@rinewlegal.co.uk.

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