If you are facing threats or dismissal, we can give you the support
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If you are victimised at work or dismissed after reporting wrongdoing in your workplace - known as whistleblowing - our employment lawyers can help. 

Whistleblowing is the term used to describe when an employee discloses information about illegal working practices in their workplace. This could involve criminal behaviour, fraudulent activity, a health and safety breach or if you believe someone is covering up wrongdoing.

It is against the law for an employer to subject you to a detriment for blowing the whistle. A detriment can include disciplinary action, being bullied or harassed, being given more onerous or mundane work or not being considered for a promotion.

If you have been dismissed for making a protected disclosure, then you may be able to bring a claim for unfair dismissal against your employer. 

Our employment lawyers understand that this can be a stressful time. The law surrounding the area of whistleblowing is complex, but our experts will guide you through the process, guiding and supporting you each step of the way.

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